Employment,Wages and Security

●Recognise working women in the organized and unorganized sector as independent economic units.

●Ensure equal and index linked minimum wages, with the base limit to be at least Rs. 15,000 per month.

●Ensure paid maternity leaves

●Ensure provision of Crèches in all working places

●Regularise ICDS, ASHA, MID DAY MEAL and other scheme workers with minimum wages pensions and social security benefits

●Ensure dignified wages and pension to women working in agriculture and other unorganized sector

● Implement special packages for the rehabilitation of women and children in households affected by suicides of farmers, deaths due to manual scavenging, handloom workers, agricultural workers, and others

●A minimum universal non-contributory publicly funded pension for Rs. 2000 per month for all women above the ages of 55 years, all widows and all disabled women irrespective of age.