Trying to succeed where the Women’s March struggled, a new progressive group hopes to master ‘intersectionality’

Three of the most prominent women in progressive politics are among the leaders of a new network that hopes to succeed where other women’s groups have struggled in the past:

Meet Mia Ives-Rublee: An Endorphin Junkie Who Made The Women’s March Accessible

  Mia Ives-Rublee grew up surrounded by adults who were worried about her well-being. She has Osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic bone disorder more commonly known as brittle bone disease, and

New Indigenous Women’s March aims to end violence in all forms

  PMembers of the Twin Cities’ Native American community will march in Minneapolis on Saturday to honor indigenous women as well as empower all survivors of harassment, violence and oppression.

The long march of women’s football

    MARSEILLE: Women’s football has fought a long battle for recognition — but after several false starts the women’s game has boomed in popularity and this year’s World Cup

Women march on Congress to demand action on gender violence

  Thousands of people marched across Argentina on Monday to mark the fifth Ni Una Menos protest against gender-based violence. Demonstrators marched from the Congress building to the historic Plaza de Mayo

Home Minister: Sedition probe against Women’s March organisers dropped

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